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Special Memories

Imagine this photograph as an album cover. Or a metaphor for life. Enjoy leafing through. Do you like taking pictures?

I'll take you to a few highlights, maybe a dozen days, beginning with "then and ending with "now."


Marilyn showed me how to put my best knee forward. By the way, that's a classic Forties hairdo. Are we having fun...where's the jungle gym?
Garden shops tempt me every spring. I forget my vow never to dig another hole. However, a special friend volunteers to help me plant in pots. See friend below.
"Yes,the friend is ME, who else!? Here's a green pot. Oh, you wanted an orange one? Just a minute--I'll fetch one. Sure, you're welcome!"
Back to the blonde of childhood. At age thirty, an experiment to see if blondes really do have more fun. Well! They get a head start because blonde hair lights up a room!
First exciting year as a media specialist (AKA librarian): working on posters for a reading contest, wearing carpentry apron filled with thumbtacks.
Check out those furry black ear muffs Dad is wearing. He was always game to go anywhere. Here we're standing on ice on the Blue Ridge Parkway in December. We stopped here because the highway patrol was setting up a barrier to further travel. We'd have to wait for another day to photograph snow covered vistas.
Being a school media specialist was great fun. This is a collage of cycles. Is time a river, or a lake? Some people just like to say what goes around comes around.
Berniece likes to shop with a stuffed animal in her buggy.
Our favorite activity is eating out--anywhere! Marilyn's fans enjoy meeting Berniece at book signings, saying it gives them an idea of how Marilyn would look today. I'm lucky to have such a fun pal for a mom. In her eighties she can still do a mean tap dance.
...and NOW...
Spring 2003. No more digging! Just enjoying the blooms of other prople's gardens.
One summer evening when I was a teenager I was possessed with the desire to get a good camera and make a collection of sunsets. This is the place that inspired my wish: Paine's Prairie in central Florida. I captured these colors in 2002. A lovely sunset seems a fitting close for an album, don't you think?
. . . . . November in North Carolina

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