Some reactions to MY SISTER MARILYN:

"Their story is quite extraordinary."
London Daily Mail

"...a different image..."
Tele Z (Paris)

"...explains the mystery..."
Spettacoli (Rome)

"...translates an American legend into flesh and blood...MY SISTER MARILYN is a big hug across the decades to a sweet, talented, loving girl." Life Magazine

"...this portrait of Marilyn is irreplaceable." Entertainment Weekly

"This is a deeply intimate book...that makes Monroe come alive...[she] emerges not merely as a troubled star but as a woman concerned throughout her life with family." Booklist

"MY SISTER MARILYN condemns the insane appetite our culture has for details about celebrities' makes for thought-provoking reading." Salisbury Post

"...a highly literary, readable account." The Bookwatch

"MY SISTER MARILYN tells an unfamiliar story...this book is really different." Time Out



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Books by Mona

Marilyn Monroe's life with her niece (Mona),sister and mother. A loving family memoir co-authored with Berniece Baker Miracle. Includes a private collection of photographs. "...a highly literary, readable account." --The Bookwatch.
Whom can Wesley call upon for help in a cross racial marriage? Perhaps Bastet, the Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat. Perhaps twenty-three adopted cats. Perhaps his kitten of a granddaughter. Erotic, comic, tragic, redemptive, this 275 page novel follows Wesley's tribulations in Charlotte, San Francisco, Tokyo and Asheville.
Short Fiction
Eleven short works highlight women, men, teenagers and elders undergoing a fission experience. From Ice Age France to contemporary New York, their courage to explore a new path unites them.

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